The Abalone Story

I grew up in a factory family in Cleveland, Ohio. This story has been told around the dinner table by my Mom and Aunt Iris since I was a kid.
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Take the Money and Run

Inspired by Ralph Bakshi, a tale of young love and wanderlust set to Steve Miller Band's 1976 hit.   Download the .pdf
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Looney Tune #246: Fuddy Money

I've written and illustrated over 100 stories for DC Comics. In this Looney Tunes issue, Elmer Fudd strikes it rich day-trading in the basement, but as a resident of his back yard, Bugs demands half. I wrote, illustrated and colored the story and cover, which was published in January, 2019.
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Off the Shelf

What happens at the corner store at night, after the lights go out and the manager locks up? That's when the real party starts! Boxes of cereal and soup cans come alive. Milk jugs dance in the cooler case and the characters go on great imaginary adventures in this CG comedy for kids. Download the .pdf.
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Superheroes have alter egos -- they work at newspapers or run phoney universities. So what's a kid to do when evil strikes at 2pm on a Wednesday when everybody's at work? Call grampa of course, in this fun comedy where a team of super seniors battle PUUF -- Parents United to Undermine Fun. download the .pdf.
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